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Does The Right to Bear Arms Continue Even If You Don't Know It?

At Liebmann & Van Straten Legal Group, LLC we are knowledgeable in Green Bay Elder Law. As part of our Elder Law practice, it is important for us to keep tabs issues that could affect our Elder Law clients and their families in Green Bay, the Fox Valley and throughout Wisconsin. Academic and research institutions frequently release scientific studies related to senior citizens and their health that may affect our Elder Law clients and their rights. It’s helpful to us, and to our clients, for us to stay informed, and pass this information on so that we can share our expertise in Wisconsin Elder Law with you as we receive it.

An issue that is coming to the forefront, due to the increase in gun violence and people with dementia in our country, is what to do about seniors and their guns. According to a study by the Pew Research Center, lots of seniors own firearms: 45% of people over the age of 65. An article by Kaiser Health News has found that at least 15 homicides and 95 suicides have been caused by people with dementia (9% of those over 65) since 2012. Additionally, the suicide rate is the highest among males 65 and older, and firearms are the most common method according to Centers for Disease Control.

Dementia is a fact of life (a fact our Green Bay Elder Law clients are all too aware of), and people are rapidly reaching the age where dementia is most likely to begin to take hold. Combine these facts, and the sheer number of gun owners in the United States, by 2050, the number of people with dementia who live in U.S. homes with guns could reach between roughly 8 million and 12 million, according to a May study by Dr. Emmy Betz of the University of Colorado School of Medicine. “You can’t just pretend it’s not going to come up,” Betz said. “It’s going to be an issue.”

As with any issue relating to guns, the issue is creating controversy for gun proponents as well as safety advocates. Despite the many horrible stories contained the Kaiser Health News article, and studies that show 1 in 3 dementia patients become combative, there is nothing on the horizon to change the situation. This is something that will continue to progress, and worth keeping an eye on.

Should you or a relative have any questions regarding the relationship between guns, dementia and Elder Law in Green Bay and its surrounding Wisconsin communities, please do not hesitate to contact the Elder Law attorneys at Liebmann & Van Straten Legal Group, LLC. We can be reached at (920) 784-2900. Liebmann & Van Straten Legal Group, LLC prides itself on its knowledge in Green Bay Elder Law, Long-Term Care Planning, wills, trusts, gifting, or the best way to allocate assets in an emergency. Do not hesitate to contact the trusted Green Bay Elder Law attorneys at Liebmann & Van Straten Legal Group, LLC.

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