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(Not) Falling for Tai Chi

At Liebmann & Van Straten Legal Group, LLC we are knowledgeable in Green Bay Elder Law. As part of our Elder Law practice, it is important for us to keep tabs on important changes in the law that could affect our Elder Law clients in Green Bay, the Fox Valley and throughout Wisconsin. In addition to changes in the law that relate to our Elder Law practice, academic institutions frequently release scientific studies related to senior citizens and their health that may affect our Elder Law clients. It’s helpful to us, and to our clients, for us to stay informed, and pass this information on so that we can share our expertise in Wisconsin Elder Law with you as we receive it.

According to a September 2018 HealthDay report practicing tai chi may help prevent senior citizen falls. Tai chi is a traditional Chinese art that involves a series of movements to challenge their balance. The study cited by HealthDay, and published in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine, found a lower incidence of falling in a group that practiced tai chi versus other groups that did conventional exercising or stretching.

Exercise of any kind is important for our Green Bay Elder Law Clients (and all of our clients) and the study was careful to note “I would not discourage people who are actively participating in strength and aerobic exercise program to throw in the towel and say “Now I need to do tai chi,” said Nathan LaBrasseur, a physical medicine and rehabilitation researcher with the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN, “The real challenge is getting people to adopt and stick to an exercise program.” The reason that tai chi seems to benefit seniors is that it focuses on balance, which can thereby improve confidence that the senior will not actually fall.

Should you or a relative have any questions regarding the relationship between exercise and Elder Law in Green Bay and its surrounding Wisconsin communities, please do not hesitate to contact the Elder Law attorneys at Liebman & Van Straten Legal Group, LLC. We can be reached at (920) 784-2900. Liebmann & Van Straten Legal Group, LLC prides itself on its expertise in Green Bay Elder Law, Long-Term Care Planning, wills, trusts, gifting, or the best way to allocate assets in an emergency. Do not hesitate to contact the trusted Green Bay Elder Law attorneys at Liebmann & Van Straten Legal Group, LLC.

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