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Liebmann & Van Straten Legal Group is a Green Bay law firm that strives to be different from other law firms.  We at Liebmann & Van Straten Legal Group resist  the legal “industry’s” approach of viewing clients and their needs as commodities.  We recognize each client is an individual person or business with a specific problem or need.  Liebmann & Van Straten Legal Group, LLC is a Green Bay law firm consisting of three attorneys with impeccable skills and experience.  Collectively, Liebmann & Van Straten Legal Groups Attorneys have over 70 years of experience.

We believe the task of an attorney is to represent the best interests of the client by helping the client make strategic decisions, whether in a courtroom or office setting.  We are fully committed to that goal: representing the client, not producing impressive stacks of documents, seeming to charge by the pounds of paper delivered, as some law firms seem to do. Rather, our group draws from decades of experience, ranging from very simple matters to the most complex issues imaginable.   By combining our collective experience and expertise, we’re able to provide a cost effective but thorough, team-based approach for our clients, putting the clients’ interests above all else.  No matter what challenges life brings, our group is well suited to guide you through it.

Our Vision
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