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Elder law attorneys help people with a specific set of problems and associated questions. The most common questions are:

- How do I (or my loved one) pay for long term care?

- Is long term care insurance a good option?

- Should we be spending our money?

- How much can we keep?

- What does a nursing home cost?

- Is Medicaid a good idea? How do I qualify?

- What about family care?

- Can we afford to privately pay for care at home?

- Can I keep my house?

- Can’t I just give away all my money?

These and dozens of other questions are virtually standard for elder law consultations. Two types of clients typically come to me for help:

1) a person who themselves (or their spouse) have a significant health problem, a likelihood they will need long term care, or are simply interested in planning ahead.

2) a child or loved one of a person who is already in a long-term care facility or is home but in serious need of help.

Each of these groups can benefit from understanding where they are from a financial standpoint and hearing the options available to them. Often, there are ideas explored, or questions asked that the person never thought of. In order for me to help, we need to sit down to talk.

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