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HI! I'm An Elder Law Attorney

I see the blank stare I’m getting. I’m used to it. I think only Elder Law attorneys know what Elder Law attorneys are. My follow up is usually to say: “I look for ways to help people plan for how to pay for a nursing home.” This is a very generic explanation, and only a very small part of what I do, but when I use those words, most people get it. My role depends largely on each client’s situation, and what they want to accomplish. I view my job as part puzzle-solver, part teacher, part counselor. I assess a person’s situation and provide them with ideas about how to best accomplish their goals. If you’re a healthy millionaire worried about saving for long term care, my proposed solutions will be much different than for someone who is already in a nursing home and has only $50,000 left. My suggestions will be much different for a healthy 40-year-old, than they will be for someone with terminal cancer. Regardless of a person’s situation, there’s always something available to give a client peace of mind or save them money. I’m an Elder Law attorney, and I’m here to help. Let's talk!

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