September 6, 2018

At Liebmann & Van Straten Legal Group, LLC, we know that estate planning in Green Bay is as important here, as it is everywhere.  One of the truly astounding trends in estate planning is the story of the wealthy celebrity that passed away without doing their own estate...

August 28, 2018

At Liebmann & Van Straten Legal Group, LLC we are experts in Green Bay Elder Law.  As part of our Elder Law practice, it is important for us to keep tabs on important changes in the law that could affect our Elder Law clients in Green Bay, the Fox Valley and throughout...

April 17, 2018

It’s National Healthcare Decisions Week.  Most people understand that advanced planning for medical needs is important, but few people do anything about it.  Who will make your medical decisions when you can’t?  Have you had the necessary discussions with this person?...

April 4, 2018

If you have late-stage dementia, do you want someone to feed you and give you water?

March 22, 2018

Much of my writing is directed to planning for an eventual outcome.  That outcome is that you or a loved one is going to need assistance in the future, and that care is going to cost money.  In my experience, a good portion of meeting with clients is explaining the dif...

March 13, 2018

Elder law attorneys help people with a specific set of problems and associated questions.  The most common questions are:

-          How do I (or my loved one) pay for long term care? 

-          Is long term care insurance a...

March 6, 2018

I thought it was worth sharing this article from the NAELA News magazine on the topic of “Hybrid” Insurance policies.  A Hybrid policy is a combination of life insurance and long-term care insurance, that is one of many tools that can work in planning for long term car...

March 1, 2018

I see the blank stare I’m getting.  I’m used to it.  I think only Elder Law attorneys know what Elder Law attorneys are.  My follow up is usually to say: “I look for ways to help people plan for how to pay for a nursing home.”  This is a very generic explanation, and o...

February 22, 2018

In an interesting development, it was announced that records of many cases on Wisconsin CCAP will be removed 2 years after the case is closed if the case was dismissed, or the individual was acquitted.  CCAP (Circuit Court Access Program) has long been a source of deba...

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